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If you are tired of living paycheck to paycheck, then you might want to find a real career rather than just an entry-level job. With the right training and education, you can get on a career path that only heads upward. This can allow you to have more financial stability, earn more money and gain respect.

Some of the industries that are constantly requiring new employees are that of medicine and insurance, which is why training to become a medical transcriptionist can be such a great choice.

Learn more about the credentials that you need to get ahead in this field with the information below.

What is the AAS in Medical Transciption?

This two-year degree is designed to prepare students for careers in medical transcription. After the degree is completed, they will be able to transcribe medical dictations with ease, and they will familiar with medical terminology to ensure that their writing is correct.

What Requirements Are Needed For Enrollment?

Before you can enroll in an associate degree in medical transcription, you will need to have a high school diploma. Many schools will also accept the equivalent of a general education degree, but they will expect students to be familiar with a certain level of math and science before enrollment.

This can be done by submitting SAT and ACT scores if specific high school courses were not taken.

Along with your application, you should expect to submit a written essay, transcripts from your high school career and references from people in your past. These references are often from religious leaders, teachers or previous employers.

What Kind of Courses Are Included?

Over the course of the degree program in medical transcription, you can expect to take dozens of different courses in a range of subjects.

While some may be more general core courses, the majority will focus on medicine, the health industry and writing skills. Some of the classes typically found on the medical transcription syllabus include medical terminology, bioethics, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology and transcribing.

What are the Job Prospects For Graduates?

As many as one-half of medical transcriptionists in the country work directly in the hospital, and their job is to transcribe the oral recordings of physicians, nurses and other medical professionals.

Many other graduates work in private offices of physicians doing the same tasks, but they may also have administration duties. Finally, a growing number of graduates are able to work from home as freelance employees, which is ideal for those who appreciate a flexible schedule.

How Can Students Earn Their AAS Online?

If you are interested in earning this degree, enrolling in an online program could be the perfect choice. Instead of driving to campus for class, you can watch lectures live on your computer. Even the exams can be taken from the comfort of home, and the schedule is on your terms rather than on the school calendar.

To secure a career in medical transcription, consider earning your AAS through one of the many accredited online colleges available through

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