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There is no question that having a bachelor’s degree is a smart career move for any field and any potential employment position. Regardless of what the degree is in, simply having the certification will make employers more likely to approach you, grant you interviews and be interested in your resume. It can be a foot in the door, and there is no replacement for this qualification.

However, you may not know exactly what subject you want to focus on. Thankfully, degrees like the Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies allow students to try out a range of courses and broaden their horizons.

Discover more about the appeal of this degree, what the requirements are for enrollment, what kinds of courses you can take, what careers are available for graduates and how an online degree can be a smart choice.

The Appeal of the Interdisciplinary Degree

The biggest appeal of earning an interdisciplinary degree is that students don’t have to limit themselves. If you love history as well as literature, you can take courses in both to become a well-rounded individual. This can help keep you interested in the subject matter, and it can even make it easier for you to find your dream job after graduation.

Prerequisites For Admittance Into a Degree Program

Although the subject may be slightly nontraditional, the prerequisites for enrollment are similar to most bachelor’s degrees offered at traditional college campuses or online schools.

Students should only apply if they hold a high school diploma or general education degree, and they should be able to submit their SAT scores, ACT scores or high school transcripts upon request. Admission staff will also often ask for a written essay by the student as well as references from employers, community leaders or teachers.

Typical Courses Offered

The beauty of the interdisciplinary degree is that your syllabus will look totally different from the syllabus of every other student. You might choose to focus on things like women’s studies or peace studies, but you will have the freedom to pick and choose related courses that interest you most.

Some of the typical classes taken by students pursuing their bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies include communications, modern history, economics and global development, but the opportunities really are endless.

Career Opportunities For Graduates

Once again, it is impossible to pin down the exact careers for graduates in this field. It depends on your personal interests as well as the subjects you focused on while earning your degree. However, a large number of students end up working in fields like marketing, public relations and research.

Choosing an Online Degree

If you appreciate flexibility, then opting to earn your bachelor’s degree online might be ideal. Gone are the days when you have to commute to campus and fit exams into your busy schedule. Instead, you can simply open up your computer for the course materials, recorded lectures and exams to take at your convenience.

Interdisciplinary studies is an exciting field, and offers a directory of online degrees available through accredited colleges and universities.

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