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There is plenty of evidence supporting the idea that educators who continue to enroll in courses throughout their careers actually make better teachers overall. Many school districts and employers require teachers to head back to school for additional certifications and degrees to learn more about the newest technology in the classroom, new theories in education and ways to handle a range of different students.

Continuing education courses for educators can help you to become a better teacher, secure promotions and increase your earning potential.

Plus, educators have the option to take these courses online and work on the material after school, on the weekends or during their summer vacations. Here are some of the most common continuing education courses to consider.

Learning Disabilities: Practical Classroom Advice for Teacher

Although there are entire degrees devoted to learning about the challenges that students with learning disabilities face, this course serves as as introduction for those educators who want to be better prepared in the classroom. Ideal for teachers working with all ages.

Reading Fundamentals

Literacy is perhaps the one skill that all students should learn during their time in formal education. It is the means of communication that many careers require most, and teachers should ensure that all students have this basic ability. A course discussing the fundamentals of reading is ideal for those who work with younger students, but the principles can be applied to struggling students at any age.

Utilizing a Tablet Computer in the Classroom

Classroom technology is constantly evolving, and one of the most modern devices used in college, high school and even elementary school classrooms is the tablet computer. Learn how to use one, download education software and include it in your curriculum planning for an engaging lesson for students.

Talented and Gifted: Working With High Achievers

It is important for teachers to be able to identify and nurture those students who show exceptional ability. This course helps educators spot high achievers and keep them challenged even if there is no alternative classroom for them to excel.

Dealing with Aggression in the Classroom

Unfortunately, there seems to be more and more violence in school settings. For teachers, having children engage in acts of violence or just act in an aggressive manner can be unsettling, which makes the classroom a volatile place instead of a location for learning. Let this course help you understand how to handle aggressive students in the classroom.

Advanced Curriculum Development

Most teachers have at least a little leeway when it comes to following the curriculum, but there are entire positions where the focus is on creating curriculum. If this interests you, then completing this course can be a step in the right direction.

Just because you are a teacher, it doesn’t mean that you can’t keep learning. Consider a continuing education course offered by an accredited online college to advance your career. Visit for more information.

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