5 Reasons to Consider an Online DBA in Global Marketing

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In the world of business, having an MBA, or Master’s of Business Administration, is becoming more and more common across a range of industries. To set yourself apart, you might want to go for the highest degree in the field, which is the DBA. The Doctorate of Business Administration allows students to choose a field in which to major, and marketing is one of the top picks.

From there, you can even opt to specialize further with an emphasis on global organizational leadership and global business. If this sounds like something you might consider, then discover the top five reasons to earn your DBA – Marketing online.

1. To Rise to the Top of Your Field

For particularity ambitious individuals, reaching the top of the marketing industry is a serious goal. While experience, hard work and a little bit of luck can help you secure promotions and work with the biggest clients, having the right qualifications is also incredibly important. With a DBA in marketing, you will be able to command the attention of others, and you will be treated as a leader in the global marketing industry.

2. To Increase Your Salary

While not everyone is driven primarily by the possibility of a bigger income, there is no question that it is a lovely side effect. If you are interested in enjoying more financial stability and securing a more impressive salary, one of the best routes to take is that of the online DBA. A doctoral degree will open up new doors at the highest level, and the salaries will correspond with these high-level position.

3. To Succeed in a Global Marketplace

Marketing is a field that works to inform the public about the value of a particular brand, idea, personality or product. Many multinational corporations are wary of hiring individuals without global experience.

If you opt to earn your DBA with an emphasis on global business and marketing, you will have the experience and education that it takes to attend international clients. Whether you work for a marketing firm or have your own business, this is one of the keys to success.

4. To Work and Study at the Same Time

Although many marketing professionals have an interest in earning an advanced degree, some are concerned that they will have to stop work in order to study full time. However, that is far from the truth. The reality is that you can easily study in the evening, weekends or whenever you have free time thanks to the option of flexible online degree programs.

5. To Secure Teaching Positions

To be seriously considered as a college professor or lecturer in the field of marketing or global business, you will need to have an advanced degree like the DBA. For those who are ready to enjoy a less stressful career, this might be the right choice.

With a DBA earned through an accredited online college, you can head toward bigger salaries, promotions, international clients and a range of potential teaching positions. Visit to discover your options.

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