5 Careers to Pursue With an Online BS in Communication

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To many students, the idea of pursuing a degree in communications sounds like a dream come true. After all, communicating is something that most of us do every single day, and it can encompass everything from talking over the phone to writing emails.

However, it is still important to look ahead and decide if a degree will adequately prepare you for a future career. Thankfully, a BS in Communication can prepare you for dozens of careers after graduation, many of which are listed below.

1. Reporter or Journalist

This is perhaps the most obvious career choice for those who majored in communications as an undergraduate student.

Although physical newspaper and magazine sales may be on the decline, there is a still a demand for talented reporters and journalists to write news blogs and travel across the globe to report on the latest international events. If you love writing, then this career might be a natural fit for you.

2. Marketing Executive

Marketing is the way that companies show their demographic the value of a brand, product or lifestyle. In order to achieve that, they use different ways of communication. With a degree under your belt, you will be able to use television commercials, ads, billboards and more to communicate the value of a product to viewers and readers, making you valuable as a marketing executive for any industry.

3. Public Relations

If you find that you are are a convincing speaker as well as an excellent writer, then working in public relations is perhaps the right field for your talents.

Public relations managers work for businesses, celebrities or politicians, and their job is to create a certain image of their client for the public. You might write press releases, craft responses to magazine questions or just advise the client on how to put their fest foot forward in various situations.

4. Nonprofit Grant Writer

Working for a nonprofit organization is a dream for many students. These positions can be hard to come by, but they are incredibly rewarding as you know that your hard work is going to a good cause rather than just monetary profit.

Many nonprofits are successful because of grants, and having a skilled grant writer is incredibly important. If you enjoy writing, have a persuasive voice and want to find a fulfilling career in a nonprofit organization, then becoming a grant writer is ideal.

5. Book Editor

If you are one of the many students who decide to pursue communications because you love reading, then becoming a book editor might seem like the best job on the planet. Your daily tasks would include reading manuscripts, correcting mistakes and deciding which authors have a chance for successful careers in the publishing industry.

Thanks to accredited online colleges, even the busiest individuals can pursue bachelor’s degree in subjects like communications. With your four-year online degree in hand, you can find a fulfilling and lucrative career as a grant writer, book editor, personal relations expert, marketing executive, reporter or journalist.

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