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Although many people tend to think of doctors and nurses as the backbone of the medical industry, the fact is that those employed in a pharmacy also work hard to ensure that patients take the right medicine in the right doses.

If you are interested in pursuing a medical career with just an associate degree earned online, then becoming a pharmacy technician might be the perfect fit for your career goals. Discover what a pharmacy tech does, how to become a pharmacy tech, what you will learn with your degree and how the online degree can help you achieve your goals in less time.

What is a Pharmacy Tech?

Before you enroll in any kind of pharmacy tech program or get serious about pursuing this career, it is important to fully understand the position as well as where you might work and what tasks will be common.

Pharmacy techs work directly under licensed pharmacists, and they typically work in hospital pharmacies or private chain pharmacies in towns and cities around the world. Day to day tasks include everything from counting pills for a prescription to receiving dosage information over the phone from a physician. You may have to work directly with patients, but you will be supervised by a pharmacist throughout the day.

How Do You Become a Pharmacy Tech?

There are several different ways to become a pharmacy tech, and it all depends on where you would like to work and what kind of salary you are interested in making. At some pharmacies, you need little more than a high school diploma and the willingness to learn. However, at these locations you can expect a lack of job stability and earnings close to minimum wage.

A better alternative is typically to earn an associate degree in pharmacy technology. This two-year degree will efficiently prepare you for a career, and employers are far more likely to hire someone already trained than someone with no medical background or formal education.

What Will You Study When Earning Your Degree?

If you opt to earn an associate degree in pharmacy technology, you will spend roughly two years studying. During that time, you can expect to cover subjects like pharmacology, medical ethics, keeping records for patients and medical terminology. You will discover how to deal with patients, how to double-check dosages and how to compare medications to find the right fit for various conditions.

Why in an Online Degree a Smart Choice?

If you are serious about a career as a pharmacy tech, then you should look into the option of earning your associate degree online. Not only will this give you the flexibility to study from home, but you can create your own schedule and fit studying and exams around your life, work or family. Plus, you won’t have to deal with the hassle and expense of commuting or parking.

Becoming a pharmacy technician isn’t easy, but you can do it with plenty of hard work and dedication.

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