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As more and more investors put money into real estate, there is a greater need for trained individuals who can care for property, collect rent from tenants and oversee the real estate with skill. If you are interested in pursuing a real estate career, one option might be to consider the management and leasing of property.

There are a range of certificates and degrees in this field, and it might be the right fit for you. Discover what kind of things you can study and focus on when earning an online degree in property management.

Residential Management

This is one of the first things that many people focus on, and it can be an interesting course of study whether you are looking for a new career or even if you are planning to rent out your own home in the future.

Subjects covered in residential management include everything from government housing regulations to low-income housing care and building maintenance. The objective is to prepare students for managing properties designed for residential use.

Commercial Management

In many ways, the field of commercial management is similar to that of residential management. However, these courses are geared to large projects, and the objective is to prepare students for careers managing factories, retail properties and offices.

You will learn how to draft contracts for multinational corporations who need to rent office space, and you will uncover what kind of care is required for the upkeep of everything from chain restaurants to manufacturing companies. There will also be a focus on how to establish friendly yet professional relationships with tenants of commercial properties.

Leasing and Legal Issues

This sector of managing properties generally revolves around drafting contracts for the lease of all types of properties. If there are any disputes regarding upkeep, price or payment, it is the contract that will decide who is in the wrong, and therefore the wording is incredibly important to get correct.

You might also study how to cancel leases, what the laws regarding tenancy are and what is legally required in terms of repair or upkeep for all kinds of properties.

Tenant Relationships

This might seem like an obvious part of any management degree program in real estate, but it is often an area where students need the most help. Forming tenant relationships that are professional and still friendly is not always easy, but it is vital.

You should have solid relationships with people from the moment they decide to tour the property all the way until you return their security deposit. Courses and degrees in tenant relationships cover everything from subletting properties to rent control, and they are a smart way to begin your career in the field of real estate management.

If you are interested in making property management your career, then few things will be as beneficial as formal education in the field.

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