What Can I Do With an Online Degree in Business?

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If you have ever thought about pursuing a new career, then you may be interested in earning an online degree. The right degree can open up new career opportunities, look impressive on your resume and prepare you for your dream career.

A business-oriented degree is a smart choice for students, and it is available for undergraduates at both the associate and bachelor’s level. Plus, it is available online, which makes it easier than ever to pursue your career goals.

If you are still curious about what types of employment are open to business degree holders, these suggestions can help.

Working at an Accounting Firm

With this degree in hand, you can easily find work with a large accounting firm. These firms are focused on the bottom line, and they might work with individual clients or even entire companies.

With your knowledge of supply and demand, taxation regulations and budgeting, an accounting position can be a smart fit. Although you would need additional qualifications to become a Certified Public Accountant, you can find a position like that of account manager, which can be both lucrative and interesting. Find out which business degree program is right for you.

Investment and Finance Opportunities

Like accounting firms, investment and financial businesses are often eager to hire graduates with a business-related degree. You can use your knowledge about stocks, foreign markets, mutual funds and more to help guide decisions and oversee transactions of all types. For those who enjoy the numbers side of this industry, investment and finance are two logical fields worth pursuing.

Nonprofit Fundraising

For almost country, demographic, disease or plight, there exists a nonprofit that works hard to address the wrongs of the world. For passionate graduates who want to find fulfilling and rewarding careers, there can be nothing more enjoyable than working at a nonprofit. The best positions to look for will be those in fundraising. Tasks in this kind of position might include meetings with potential donors, writing press releases for potential fundraising events and handling transactions for the company’s budget.

Entrepreneurship Potential

Some students are excited about this degree because they have always dreamed of running their own company. By thoroughly understanding every aspect of a company, from start-up to hiring new employees to paying suppliers, you can handle all the challenges of being the owner of a new company. If you have a great idea for a product or service provider, this degree can give your dream a realistic chance of success.

Local Government Positions

You might think that it takes a political science or law degree to pursue a career in local government, but that would be a mistake. Earning a business degree can set you up to help guide the budgets of a city, state or county, which is a large part of operating any government.


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