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Educators are an important part of society, and their main objective is to train and educate the next generation of students. However, not all educators are traditional teachers working in elementary or high school classrooms. In fact, many educators can make a serious difference in the lives of others without stepping foot into a traditional school campus.

If you are interested in pursuing an education degree online, discover some of the less common career choices that can put your skills and training to great use.

Museum Guides and Conservators

This absolutely counts as an educator position. While museums often hire history graduates or trained art restoration experts for maintenance and curation of the various exhibits, it is the guides and conservators that often lead tours and teach visitors about everything that the museum holds.

This is the perfect position for anyone who wants to work as an educator but doesn’t enjoy the monotony of daily life in a classroom. It is also a good for those who feel relaxed and confident when speaking in front of groups on a regular basis throughout the day.

Adult ESL Teachers

Immigrants, visitors and students from around the world often head to English-speaking countries for a number of reasons, and their lives are made much easier thanks to ESL teachers that focus on adult teaching.

If you have a firm grasp of the English language as well as preferences for working with adults, then an ESL career is ideal. For global explorers, ESL careers are available around the world, and native English speakers will have countless opportunities for teaching the language.

Explore your options to earn a degree online in education.

Library Technicians

With just a two-year degree, literary lovers can prepare for a career as a library technician. These individuals will work directly with librarians in order to catalog books and oversee the circulation process.

Library technicians will also help children and adults with their literary growth. You might help toddlers sound out the alphabet during a morning session at a public library, or you might help high school students discover the major themes in classic novels.

Private Tutoring

If you love working one on one with students but don’t love the traditional classroom setting, then private tutoring could be the perfect fit. Educators in this type of career have the opportunity to help students catch up on subjects they are struggling with, and they can even help college students to prepare for exams.

Textbook Writer

Even if teaching isn’t your top activity choice, that doesn’t mean that you can’t play a role in the field. Textbook writers have to have a solid grasp on how the process of educating students works, and they need to be excellent writers and editors. If you have a mastery of a particular subject like chemistry or social studies, then this career might be a solid choice for you.

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