Exciting Careers in Art and Design

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If creativity and art are the things that you are most passionate about, then it makes sense to turn your hobbies into a career. Not only will work be more enjoyable when you actually care about your job, but you are more likely to succeed when you genuinely love the subject matter. Although dreams of becoming an artist who gets paid millions for a single canvas is unlikely for all but the luckiest individuals, it is definitely possible to secure an exciting career in art and design.

Each of these careers can be secured with adequate training in the form of an online associate or bachelor’s degree in a related field.

Interior Decorator

As an interior decorator, an entire building can serve as your canvas. Some interior decorators have their own private businesses, and they accept individual clients who want to remodel their kitchens or outfit brand new construction homes. Along with creating an attractive layout and utilizing a range of materials, colors and textiles, you will need to market your services and meet with clients directly. Other decorators work as part of a larger firm and spend more time creatively.

Landscape Architect

Art is certainly not limited to indoor creations. If your artistic tendencies are more comfortable outdoors, then working as a landscape architect might be the perfect career choice for you. You might spend your days creating flat surfaces for plants, orchestrating crews to install turf or even drawing up plans for lavish yards. It requires a knowledge of trees, plants and flowers as well as soil types and basic gardening.


Whether you enjoy drawing with a pencil on paper or with animation software on the computer, a career as an animator is a logical choice. Animators have a wide range of career opportunities, but many will go on to work in film or television. Animating a television show can take an entire staff or artists weeks or even months to complete, but it can be a fulfilling form of employment if drawing really is your passion.

Video Game Creator

While video games were little more than a blip on the radar 30 years ago, they are now a popular pastime for children and adults around the world. In order to create these exciting games for computers and gaming consoles, trained staff need to work for months. Creating a video games involves animation, physical action awareness, coding and testing to ensure that it is fun and challenging for its target demographic.

Fashion Stylist

Many celebrities and public figures are scrutinized for what they wear, which is why they hire the services of a fashion stylist. If you have a passion for fashion and keen eye for what looks great on different body types, then this career could be a dream come true.

One of the most versatile online degrees available is that of design. Whether you are interested in becoming a landscape architect, fashion stylist, interior decorator, video game creator or animator, a degree earned through can prepare you for a successful career.

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