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In order for a business of any kind to succeed, it needs to have customers who appreciate the value of the products or services that they sell. Better known as marketing, the process of informing customers about said value, as well as informing and encouraging spending patterns, is a massively important part of the industry.

If you enjoy studying consumer behavior and find that you enjoy writing, then this kind of career could be the perfect fit for you. In order to secure a career in the field, the best course of action will be to complete a marketing degree online. Whether you choose an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree, this guide can help you understand what to expect.

Who Can Enroll in These Degree Programs?

While every college has its own set of standards for applicants, there are some general prerequisites that you will come across at every school. The first is that applicants should be 18 at the time of enrollment. Exceptions can be made for those who are teenagers with high school diplomas and written permission from their parents. Other requirements might include copies of your transcripts, references, written admission essays, SAT scores or ACT scores. Expect admission to bachelor’s degree programs to be tougher than those for associate degree programs.

How Long Will the Degrees Take to Complete?

If you were to attend a traditional college campus for your education, it would take two years for an associate degree and four years for a bachelor’s degree, assuming you were attending classes and studying full time. The beauty of online degrees is that students can take as much or as little time as they need to complete the coursework and take exams. Some students finish in less time, but others who also work or care for their families may take slightly longer to graduate.

What Subjects Will I Study?

Regardless of whether you enroll for an associate or a bachelor’s degree, much of the subject matter will be similar. Some of the courses that you can expect to take will be in general education, which means that they can range from English literature to foreign language requirements. Overall, however, the majority of your classes will be subjects like brand management, advertising, researching consumer behavior, copywriting and business communications.

Which Careers Are Typically Open For Graduates in the Field?

Once you have completed your degree, the sky really is the limit when it comes to career opportunities. An associate degree may only be able to secure you an entry-level job, but it can be a great starting point. A bachelor’s degree will best prepare you for careers like that of market manager, market research analyst, advertising sales manager, consumer forecaster or promotions manager.

If you are serious about beginning a career in marketing, the first step will be earning your own degree online. Thanks to the convenience and flexibility of degrees offered through, getting formal training and an advanced education might be easier than you think.

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