Is a Management Career Right For You?

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When many people dream of moving up the career ladder, the obvious next step is working towards becoming a manager. Working in a managerial position often means directing others, taking responsibility for larger projects and having a senior position with all the perks. While the respect and higher salary are obvious advantages, it is important to note that not everyone is cut out to become a manager.

Here are some ways to find out if online management degree programs are going to be the right choice for your career future.

Are You Great Friends With All of Your Peers?

Although being friends will all of your peers and colleagues might sound like a positive attribute, it may actually hinder you if you think about becoming a manager. In a supervisory position, you have to be able to speak to the people who were once your peers and act like a boss.

Some people have a hard time with this because they want to be liked rather than respected. Make sure that you can handle this before seriously considering a new position as a manager.

Can You Take Control in Tough Situations?

When a problem arises in the workplace, think about how you typically respond. Do you listen to everyone around you but have a hard time thinking of a solution? Do you absorb the information but feel insecure about speaking up with your own opinions? A successful manager needs to be able to listen, but they also need to be able to make the tough decisions when time is a factor.

Are You Quick to Anger or Judgment?

Even if you think that you would make an excellent manager, you may have to learn to control your temper in certain situations. It is not unusual for employees to be angry with their manager, and you may be frustrated by their actions as well. However, the best managers are not quick to anger, and they don’t make up their mind about a situation until they have learned all the facts.

Are You an Organized Multi-tasker?

Rather than just having your simple list of tasks to complete during a day of work, as a manager you will have to oversee every list of every employee. Keeping track of lots of activity requires patience and impressive organizational skills. If you are great at multitasking, that’s also a huge benefit.

Would You Consider Earning a Degree in Management?

If all signs point to you being a successful manager, then you might want to look into earning a college degree to get ahead in your field. Online colleges offer associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in managerial studies, all of which are convenient and flexible enough to fit into your busy schedule. Exams, lectures and seminars all take place over the Internet and can be completed anywhere as long as you have a computer and Internet access.


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