What to Expect When Earning an Online Bachelor’s Degree in Finance

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If you have ever thought seriously about beginning a career in the financial world, then you may be ready to earn a degree in that field. Although associate degrees can be a great way to break into the industry, most employment positions will require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from applicants.

Thankfully, it is easier than ever to earn your degree online. Here are all the things to expect when earning an online bachelor’s degree in finance.

Expect the Program to Take Approximately Four Years

Just like in a traditional college campus, an online bachelor’s degree will take an average of four years to complete. However, the curriculum will be a lot more flexible depending on your needs and your schedule.

Some students are eager to work their way through the program in order to secure a financial career in less time, and these students may complete their degree in three years or even less. On the other hand, some busy students with families or full-time jobs may spread their coursework out and take longer than four years to finish.

Expect to Study a Range of Courses

During the course of this degree program, students will cover a range of subjects to better prepare them for careers after graduation. Along with the basics of business administration, you should expect to study things like financial statement analysis, portfolio management, stocks, bonds, investments, corporate financial management and risk analysis.

Expect to Meet These Requirements Before Being Admitted to the Program

Before you can enroll into a financial degree at the bachelor’s level, you will be required to meet a handful of prerequisites set by the college in question. These can differ slightly depending on the program and the admission standards, but you should typically have a high school diploma or a general education degree equivalent. In addition, expect to need SAT scores, ACT scores and references from at least two previous teachers or employers who can vouch for your work ethic, study habits and interest in the field.

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Expect to Do All of Your Studies and Exams Online

One of the great things about opting to earn an online bachelor’s degree is that you can do everything over the Internet. Rather than commuting to class, simply log on to your computer and stream lectures live or watch recorded classes. Study from online textbooks, and then when you are ready you can actually take your exams online as well.

Expect to Prepare For the Following Careers

Once you have graduated with a degree, you can tackle a number of fascinating careers in the field. With a bachelor’s degree, most entry-level careers will be open to you. Some of the most popular include that of financial analyst, loan officer, personal financial advisor and financial auditor. The perks of these careers often include stability as well as an impressive earning potential.

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