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Thanks to the rapidly improving technology around the world, the rise of the Internet and the option of flying to a new country in a matter of hours, the globe is shrinking. It is no longer enough to have a successful business in a single city, and many small companies are eager to make the switch to a global, multinational enterprise.

In order for that to happen, business owners are eager to hire graduates who have an in-depth knowledge of the international world of business. With an online bachelor’s degree in international business, you might secure one of the following popular jobs in the industry.

International Sales Executive

This is perhaps the job that most people think of when they think of an international career in the world of business.

Of course, there is good reason for that. Businesses make money when people buy their products, but it can take a talented individual to sell those items to people in a new country. It takes natural sales ability to move inventory, but it also takes an understanding of different cultures. The way that you sell an item to an American, for example, will be different than the way that you sell the same item to someone living in China.

Importer or Exporter

Shipping items for sale across international borders is not as simple as heading to the post office. Inventory and supplies that are shipped or trucked internationally have to be carefully monitored at every step along the journey, and they need to meet specific regulations for various countries. There are even tax regulations that change frequently, and importers and exporters have to know all of these details and take control.

Supply Chain Manager

In order to buy a pair of jeans from a store in Brazil, a long process has to be completed. A supply chain manager is the person who oversees the purchase of raw materials, the shipment of said materials to a factory in a different country and then the packaging of the products. The supply chain only ends when the buyer has the product in their hands.

Cultural Adviser or Relocation Specialist

Many large international businesses have a cultural adviser or relocation specialist on their staff to help expatriates with moving to a new country. This key person has to be culturally sensitive and also familiar with contracts and business.

Your tasks in this position might include helping new employees understand the local area or helping them apply for things like car insurance and healthcare.

Foreign Service Careers With the U.S. Government

Many people who study business on the international level find themselves turning to careers in the Foreign Service. These employees often work overseas for the United States Government, and they do everything from dealing with immigration concerns to organizing financial agreements between two countries.

Thanks to the flexibility of programs offered through, earning a bachelor’s degree in international business is easier than ever. Securing this educational certification can help you prepare for any one of these exciting global careers.

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