5 Careers Open to Graduates With A Psychology Degree

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If you have ever wondered what it would be like to work as a psychologist, then you might be interested in courses like cognitive development and behavioral theories. By studying the brain as well as human behavior, we can get a better insight into how people act, why they act and what influences their decisions.

It should go without saying that this information is incredibly valuable from a health as well as a marketing perspective. A four-year bachelor’s degree in this field can be an incredibly interesting choice, but it will also prepare you for any one of these five careers in psychology.

1. Family Counselor

Although you will need a doctoral degree before you can become licensed as a psychologist, you may be happy working as a family counselor once you have earned your bachelor’s degree. Your tasks will include meeting with spouses, children and entire families to resolve conflicts. Many family counselors specialize in specific areas like divorce, terminal illnesses or grief counseling.

2. Forensic Psychologist

Popular televisions may make this career seem a little more glamorous than it actually is, but working as a forensic psychologist is still undoubtedly an exciting and thrilling line of work. By combining scientific evidence with the study of human behavior, you can establish criminal profiles or anticipate future movement among suspects and criminals.

3. Marketing Executive

One of the key ways that marketing works is by tapping into the human brain and how it works. Extensive research can tell companies whether the red font is more appealing than the blue, or if customers are more likely to purchase items that are packaged in cardboard rather than plastic. Many students who find this fascinating turn their degree into preparation for a career as a marketing executive. You might work with a smaller company, or you could be part of a large team that helps one client create a cohesive and effective advertising campaign across several mediums at once.

4. Case Manager

One of the most common careers in this field is that of case manager. A case manager is very similar to a social worker. If you opt to pursue this career, you might spend your time visiting potential adoptive families, checking in on the welfare of young children or helping to determine the right custody arrangements after a divorce. A knowledge of human behavior as well as the ability to listen are important characteristics for case workers.

5. Career Counselor

This career involves working directly with adults and college students who are still trying to find their calling in life. By administering aptitude tests and speaking directly with the individuals about their interests and skills, you can help match them up with a fulfilling and interesting career choice. You may also work with disabled adults who are entering the workplace for the first time.

Although many people think that a psychology degree only prepares you to become a psychologist, that’s certainly not the case. By earning a bachelor’s degree from an accredited online college, you can pursue any of these five options.

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