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Think carefully about how many times you might have used the Internet over the past week. If you have a smartphone or a tablet computer, there is a good chance that you used an application to check your bank balance online, send flowers to a friend, check the weather, see how bad the traffic is on the way to work and upload photos from your most recent vacation. All of these tasks rely on software and applications that have been put into place and created by computer programmers. If this kind of career appeals to you, learn more about the available online degrees in technology that can help you get the credentials you will need.

Types of Computer Programming Degrees Available

Even if you know that programming computers is what you want to focus on in your career, you still need to decide which degree is going to be the best fit for your goals. An associate degree will take just two years to complete, but it can only prepare you for entry-level positions in the field of computing and programming. The most popular option is the bachelor’s degree, which consists of roughly 120 credits and takes most students four years to complete. If you are interested in a more advanced degree, the two-year master’s program might be a good option to consider.

Typical Courses You Will Find on the Syllabus

It is important to keep in mind that every school and every degree program will be a little different. Plus, students have the option of picking and choosing areas that interest them most. Overall, however, many students in this field will cover the same basic subjects in order to graduate. A handful of the most common courses you will see on your syllabus might include programming, information systems, artificial intelligence, network systems, game programs and computer architecture.

Career Opportunities For Graduates

One of the great things about pursuing a degree in this field is that you will have a variety of career opportunities available to you after graduation. Becoming a computer programmer with an IT firm or a corporation might be the most obvious career choice, but that is far from your only option. Many graduates holding associate or bachelor’s degrees will end up with titles that include software developer, systems analyst, digital gaming programmer, testing engineer or information technology consultant. Many of these positions offer lucrative salaries for employees.

Benefits of Earning Your Degree Online

If programming computers is definitely something you want to pursue, then consider an online degree. Rather than commuting to class and being forced to work around a college schedule, you can actually take control of your future. Work and family obligations can come first as long as you make time to log on to your computer and stream live lectures, study and take exams from the comfort of your own home.

The flexibility of an online degree makes preparing for a new career easier than ever.

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