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Perhaps the fastest growing industry today is that of IT. With society’s increasing reliance on Internet communications and serious interest in the latest software and devices, those who are trained and knowledgeable in the field will have a variety of career opportunities to choose from. Plus, many of these careers can be incredibly lucrative. Before you can tackle any of these career positions, however, you’ll have to get the right education.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to prepare for one of these well-paid jobs is with an online bachelor’s degree in information technology.

Business Architect

In years past, the IT professionals in a new company had a distinct role, but they were not integral in terms of creating the structure of the business or running operations in a day to day way. Today, however, being a business architect is a fascinating career opportunity where IT professionals can integrate their skills into the foundation of the business. It may include new forms of Internet marketing or new technology for customer service, and it can be a great leadership position for the right candidates.

IT Forensic Investigator

When most people think of a forensic investigator, they picture someone dusting fingerprints at a crime scene or analyzing blood spatter. This career has the same objective, but these professionals use electronics and computers to find clues. This job is incredibly interesting, and it can serve as a serious challenge for those who find monotony in the workplace to be a bad thing. Along with working in crime labs or for police departments, IT forensic investigators often have to testify in trials.

Mobile Application Developer

If you have a smartphone or even a tablet computer, then you are probably already familiar with the applications for these devices. Mobile apps do everything from let you read the news to allow you to file your taxes, and they are being created on a continual basis. Every business wants to have their own app for customers to use, and those with the right skills can earn a great salary by working as a mobile application developer.

Medical Software Engineers

In this field, trained IT professionals put their computing and software knowledge to work in the medical world. One of the highest-paying opportunities currently has to do with medical electronic records. Many hospitals, private practices and nursing homes are making the switch to electronic patient and treatment records, and they need to implement a system for doing so. Then, they need someone to set up and manage a database for this information.

IT Vendor Manager

If you are interested in a business career but have a natural aptitude for IT, then the perfect career might be that of IT vendor manager. Your job would be to be responsible for supplying a software company’s products to the general public.

These are just some of the lucrative career opportunities available in information technology.

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