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For most people, using a computer involves turning it on, checking emails and maybe browsing the web. For a small percentage of the population, however, more interesting activities include creating websites from scratch or even designing new software programs. If you believe that you are in the latter group, then you might want to consider a new career as a software engineer.

With either an associate or a bachelor’s degree, both of which are conveniently available online, you can break into the field and secure a challenging and potentially lucrative position. Discover how an online degree can jump-start your career as a software engineer.

Choosing Between the Associate Degree and the Bachelor’s Degree

If you are serious about a software engineering degree, you will ultimately need to make the decision between the two undergraduate options. The associate degree takes an average of just two years to complete, and it can prepare you for only the most basic careers in the field. The bachelor’s degree, on the other hand, will be more expensive and take roughly four years to complete.

Keep in mind that you can complete the associate degree and them move on to the bachelor’s degree if you decide that you want to continue your education and earn higher qualifications in the field. Find out more your options for earning a degree in software engineering online.

Typical Coursework in This Degree Program

Whatever degree you choose to earn, your coursework will revolve around the same basic subjects that will come in handy for a software engineer. Expect to take courses in programming, C++, the architecture of software, project design, statistical engineering and software testing and implementation. The objective of any degree program in this field is to teach students how to create software programs, find out any flaws in the design and then implement them effectively on a range of platforms and devices.

Career Opportunities for Graduates

Perhaps the main reason that this field is so popular among undergraduate degree choices has to do with the career opportunities for graduates. Software engineers can typically find work with ease, and the salaries are often quite impressive. A few of the most common job titles that graduates might have include software engineer, software developer, software programmer, software technician, database administrator, website designer or software publisher. Most graduates will find work with software companies, but others will help other firms to implement new software for their employees or customers.

Benefits of an Online Degree Program

If you are considering a career as a software engineer, then you are likely very comfortable using a computer. Imagine if you could log on from home, watch classes as they stream online and even take exams over the Internet on your own terms. Thanks to the flexibility and convenience of online degree programs, that dream can become a reality for most software engineering students.

Anyone who is ready for the next step in their careers and their future should consider an online degree.

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