Should You Study Early Childhood Education Online?

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One of the most popular college majors is that of education. Students can choose whether they want to focus on a specific subject, such as history or math, or they can opt to focus on teaching young children. Before you enroll in a bachelor’s degree program online that prepares you to become an early childhood educator, you might want to evaluate whether this is the right career for you. Answer these questions, and the answers will reveal whether you are a suitable candidate to study early childhood education online.

Do You Enjoy Spending Time With Children?

This is perhaps the most obvious question to ask, but it is important not to answer it too quickly. Most people would say that they like children, but there is a big difference between liking the idea of children and actually liking spending hours and hours each day with young children. Before you can truthfully answer this question, you should have lots of experience with children between the ages of three and nine. This could be teaching classes at your church Sunday school, babysitting neighbors or perhaps just having several younger siblings. If you have the experience and still enjoy being around children, then this is likely a smart career path for you.

Are You Typically Full of Energy?

There is a big difference between the energy needed to work in a classroom and the energy needed to work in an office. Even if you are having a rough day or you didn’t sleep well the night before, you still need to be able to smile and interact with children all day. If this is something that you currently struggle with, then it may be worth reconsidering your choice in degree.

Do You Have a Desire to Help Others or Make a Positive Change?

If your only goal is to earn a paycheck, there are a number of other careers that will require less energy and enthusiasm. You should only seriously consider this field of study if you are passionate about the education system. This career is incredibly rewarding, however, and you can feel good about the wonderful changes you will make everyday in the lives of your students and their families.

Are You Generally a Patient Person?

Teachers, as a whole, are incredibly patient people. Those teachers who work with young children, however, have a level of patience that most people can only dream about. Dealing with dozens of students in the classroom can be stressful, but you need to stay calm and handle every challenge as it arises.

Is Emotional Stability a Quality You Recognize in Yourself?

Many of the best early childhood educators are people who feel comfortable in their skin and are stable on an emotional level. Without this stability, you may struggle to handle the stress of the classroom and the needs of young children.


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