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Working as an educator is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding ways that you can spend your time. Whether you are teaching young children how to read, adults how to speak English or teenagers how to effectively communicate in writing, you are playing a role in shaping minds. However, not everyone in the field of education wants to work in the classroom or a lecture hall.

It takes a team of people to work on the administrative side of the industry in order for students to have the right curriculum and teachers to have the right training and support. With an online degree in education administration, you can open yourself up to a range of careers in the field.

School Principal

This career is certainly a demanding one, but it is a natural choice for those who have spent a lot of time in the classroom already. Rather than dealing directly with students, principals work with teachers and parents in order to have a more effective and welcoming school environment. Principals might have to deal with budgets and board meetings, but they will also have an integral role in how the school is run and how parents are treated when they come in for a visit. Find out how you can advance your degree online.

District or State Superintendent

This is widely believed to be one of the highest-ranking positions within the education system. A superintendent oversees an entire collection of school systems within a certain area. Some work specifically with a big school district, which might be an entire metropolis, and others are responsible for everything in the entire state. To be successful in this role, you will need to have a passion for education as well as the ability to be focused on and aware of hundreds of things at any one time.

Director of Admissions

In colleges and many private schools, potential students have to apply and meet a set of standards before they can be admitted into a program. As a director of admissions, you will spend a lot of time going over applications to find the right students for your institute. In elementary and high schools, you will often meet with parents of students, and at the college level you will meet with the students themselves.

Curriculum Developer

In order for teachers to be effective educators, they need to have a set curriculum that they can follow. This curriculum has to prepare students for standardized tests, but it also needs to improve their skills as a whole. Curriculum developers will create a syllabus as well as pick a textbook for various classes.

Teacher Trainer or Supervisor

When teachers are just starting out in their careers, they need to have experienced educators that they can turn to. Teacher trainers and supervisors can observe teachers in the classroom, serve as mentors and offer advice to help them reach their full potential.

If you would like to work in education but be out of the classroom, then an online degree in education administration at the bachelor’s level can help you achieve your career goals.

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