Earning Your Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education Online

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Teachers are widely believed to have one of the most challenging yet rewarding careers out there. Teachers in special education, however, may have an even tougher and fulfilling type of employment. If you have ever thought about becoming a teacher to students with language, developmental or learning disabilities, then this career path could be the perfect one for you. The education and the actual job itself are far from easy, but the rewards may be worth it for you.

Discover what the bachelor’s degree in this field entails, what the prerequisites are, what comes after graduation and why you should consider the online option rather than a traditional campus degree.

Understanding the Bachelor’s Degree in This Field

Like many bachelor’s degrees, this program will consist of roughly 120 credits, and it will take most students four years to complete. Up to one-third of your classes will be in general education subjects, and you can choose those that interest you most. However, the bulk of the syllabus will consist of courses relating to education and special needs children or adults. You might study specific classrooms, hear from current teachers in the field or read through case studies to better understand effective teaching.

Typical subjects on your syllabus might include classroom management, behavioral problems in the classroom, psychological disorders, social disabilities, developmental delays and specialized teaching techniques. Find out more about earning your degree in Special Education.

Prerequisites For Enrollment

Before you are eligible to enroll into this bachelor’s degree program online or at a college campus, you need to meet the college prerequisites. These requirements will be tailored to the admission standards and competitiveness of each school, which means that you can always find a program that best fits your aptitude and current abilities. A few of the things that you might be expected to do will include submitting your high school transcripts, showing proof of your high school diploma, sending in SAT or ACT scores or even passing benchmark tests to show that you are ready for the subject matter.

Opportunities After Graduation

After you graduate with this degree, there is no shortage of career and education opportunities for you to pursue. If you want to work in the classroom, then you will need to be licensed by the state board where you plan to teach. Many students who want to secure more advanced positions choose to pursue a master’s degree in the same field, which can take anywhere from one to two years to complete.

Choosing an Online Education Degree

There are two major options for students who want to earn a bachelor’s degree. They can go the traditional route and attend set classes at a campus, or they can opt to do all of their studies and exams from the comfort of home thanks to the Internet. If you have a busy schedule, family obligations or a part-time job, then the online option may end up being the most convenient way to earn your degree.


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