5 Steps to Getting Your Teacher Education Degree Online

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If you have always wanted to become a teacher, now is your chance. Even if you don’t have the time to drop everything in your schedule and go back to school on a full-time basis, you can start to earn your degree online from the comfort of home. Gone are the days when you had to commute to campus, struggle to find parking and schedule your life around lectures and exams.

If you are ready for a new career in education, then use this guide to understand and follow the five steps to getting your teacher education degree online.

1. Decide on an Educational Specialty

This is the first thing that any potential teachers will need to do before they even enroll in an online program. Although there are some general education degrees that can help you to become a teacher, finding a job after graduation will be much easier if you have already specialized within the field. If you enjoy working with younger children, then early childhood education is a great choice. If you care more about a specific subject like history, math or physics, then you can focus on that while learning educational theory.

2. Pick the Online School That is the Best Fit For You

Once you know what kind of education degree you are after, it is time to check online and locate the schools that offer the degree you want. Keep in mind that not every online college will offer every type of degree, but don’t be discouraged if you don’t see your top choice right away. Once you have a few options, compare things like price, deadlines and past student reviews to pick the best college that will meet your needs.

3. Check the Prerequisites and then Apply

Before you apply to the college of your choice, be sure to read through their list of prerequisites for applicants. These requirements will vary from college to college, but some of the most common requests include submitting proof of your high school diploma or general education degree, providing references from your past or taking tests like the SAT or the ACT.

4. Receive Confirmation of Acceptance and Officially Enroll

If you meet all of the prerequisites for the school and you apply successfully, then you should receive a confirmation of acceptance into the degree program of your choice. This is definitely cause for celebration, and it means that you can officially enroll, pay any tuition fees and begin studying to become a teacher.

5. Log on For Your First Online Class!

Once you are enrolled into a teacher education degree program, you can log on from home at any time to watch live lectures, recorded seminars or just clips of interest. Teaching staff often hold mandatory online discussions where you can connect with your classmates, ask questions and study for exams on your own time.


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