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The field of communications is vast and it includes everyone who writes, resolves conflicts or works in public relations. If you are interested in a career within communications, but you also have a desire to pursue the lucrative field of business, then the perfect solution might be to combine the two. With an online bachelor’s degree in business communications, which will take most students four years to complete from their personal computer at home, you can dive into any one of these exiting potential careers. Earn a communications degree online – find out how.

Financial or Corporate Reporter

An obvious choice of career for someone with an interest in both communications and business is that of financial reporter. When an average journalist writes an article, they have to be familiar with the subject in order for it to be a success. For that reason, most major newspapers only hire reporters who understand the intricacies of finance to write about things like economic trends and unemployment rates. There are also many financial and economic magazines that cater exclusively to the business-minded, and you might find a career writing or editing for such a publication.

Corporate Event Planner

Normally when people think of event planners, they imagine sociable people who run around and organize weddings and anniversary parties. While this is true, a corporate event planner might have a more business-minded approach to events. Organizing multi-day business conventions and international conference, for example, is much more an exercise in logistics and resource allotment than in decor and style. In order to success as a corporate event planner, you will need to negotiate, communicate well and understand budgeting.

Financial Advertising Specialist

When banks and credit unions advertise, their campaigns are very different from those of companies selling jeans or toothpaste. In order to be effective but still true to their business, financial companies often hire communication experts who also have a background in business. Studying business as well as communications can be the perfect way to prepare for this type of career.

Human Resources Director

In every large business or company, there is typically a human resources department. This department might handle everything from hiring new employees to dictating company policy on dating, and it requires staff who are excellent communicators. If you were to find yourself as the director of a large human resources department, then your business background would also be immensely helpful for things like allotting resources and budgeting for office supplies.

Public Opinion Pollster

When presidential administrations or local political parties think about making major changes, they often start by feeling out for public opinions. Polls are one of the fastest and most accurate ways of finding out what people really think about everything from tax increases to government spending, and it takes a talented pollster to communicate well, create a useable script and get the answers that political organizations need. Combining business and communications into a single major is the perfect choice for many individuals. Thanks to online degree programs, you can complete your education from home and begin any one of the careers above.

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