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Thanks to popular television shows like Mad Men and The Pitch, ad careers have never been cooler than they are today. Since this industry is competitive, however, it is not enough to have creativity and great communication skills. Agencies are generally only interested in hiring employees who have a formal education in the field. Thanks to accredited online colleges, even the busiest students will be able to earn a full associate or bachelor’s degree from the comfort of home. Learn more about how you can earn an online degree and begin a career in the thrilling world of advertising.

Who Can Enroll Into a Degree Program?

Just like students who want to attend a traditional college campus, online students have to meet set requirements before they are allowed to enroll. While these standards vary widely depending on the college and the degree in question, some prerequisites will be the same across the board. Almost every college will expect applicants to be 18 or older by the time of enrollment, have a high school degree, submit transcripts and complete an online application. It is also not unusual for a college to request references from teachers, community leaders or previous employees, and you may also need to write an essay to demonstrate your interest in the college and your writing skills in general.

What Subjects Get Covered During the Degree?

Over the course of a two or four year long degree program, students will cover various subjects relating to advertising. In addition, you may cover unrelated subjects that complete your well-rounded education. Students should expect their curriculum to include courses like strategies for marketing, effective ad sales, ad copywriting, ethics for the ad industry, visual ad appeal, graphic design and multicultural campaigns.

What are the Benefits of Earning an Ad Degree Online?

For many students, the decision between earning a degree online and earning a degree at a traditional college campus is an easy choice to make. While the social elements of attending college might be missed somewhat through the online format, there are so many other advantages to online learning. Convenience and flexibility are obvious benefits, and they are definitely appreciated by parents, busy students and those who hold down jobs. In addition, online degree programs are often much cheaper than their traditional counterparts, which is a big plus for students on a tight budget.

What Kind of Career Opportunities are Open to Graduates?

After graduating with either an associate or a bachelor’s degree in this field, you will have nearly limitless career opportunities ahead of you. Perhaps the most common career is that of account executive, an employment position that involves managing ad campaigns for a specific product or brand. For those who prefer the artistic side, working as creative involves creating visually appealing ads and turning out witty, clever and effective copy for everything from billboards to commercials.


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