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Technical Writer Although most people think of a writer as someone who spends their time crafting magazine articles or perhaps novels, the reality is that the world of writing is a lot more diverse. Every time that you read an instruction manual or perhaps even the back of a cereal box, remember that someone, somewhere, made a living by writing those words for you to read.

As the name implies, a technical writer is someone who writes about more technical subject matter. This could be a training manual for employees using a new machine in a factory, or it could be the instruction manual for your toaster.

Discover how earning a degree in technical writing online can pave the way for your new career as a wordsmith.

Prerequisites for Enrolling Into an Online Degree Program

Most aspiring technical writers will need to earn, at the very least, an associate degree before they can successfully enter the field. In most cases, however, hiring managers will expect applicants to have a bachelor’s degree or higher. In order to earn your degree in technical writing, you will need to meet a few prerequisites set by the online college to which you apply.

Some of the most common standards include being over the age of 18 by the time of enrollment, submitting high school transcripts, submitting ACT or SAT scores and writing an admission essay. Students should also expect to pay a minimal admission fee, which is standard for both traditional and online colleges.

Subjects You Will Need to Master

While earning your degree, you should expect to study a range of subjects that will prepare you to become a better writer. Grammar, syntax and vocabulary are all standard subjects for writers, but those with a focus on the technical field will also cover things like project management, information technology and even business.

Generally, technical writers have a niche area in medicine, law or engineering that sets them apart from others, and elective classes in college are a good time to choose your personal specialty area.

The Advantages of Earning Your Degree Online

Although earning a degree is nonnegotiable if you want to become a technical writer, you will have the option of choosing between a traditional college campus and an online college. Most students are drawn to the online option thanks to its incredible flexibility and convenience. Rather than commuting, parking and having your life revolve around a college schedule, you can study from home and let your own life dictate the pace of work.

Careers and Opportunities After Graduation

The average salary for a technical writer is more than $65,000, which makes it a lucrative career option for writers. Most writers in this field will find work with a manufacturing, engineering or software company. However, many technical writers enjoy success by working freelance from their homes.

If you enjoy writing but want the stability of a full-time career, then earning an online degree can help you prepare for a new and exciting future as a technical writer.

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