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Showing up to work each day is certainly about earning a salary, but many people work hard for more than just a paycheck. If you are one of the people who strives to make a difference through their job, or you want to be fulfilled through your career, then working in a non-profit organization might be the perfect fit. Non-profits help disenfranchised groups, people, animals and even the environment, and your daily tasks will result in a greener, safer and happier population.

An online bachelor’s degree in non-profit organizational management might be the ultimate way for you to secure your dream job. Find out more about this degree program, what you will need to enroll, what careers are open to graduates and how studying online can be beneficial to busy students.

What You Can Expect to Study Thanks to the Degree

A degree in organizational management for non-profits is based on a liberal arts curriculum, and the primary objective is to help students make smart decisions and become great leaders. A bachelor’s degree in this field is made up of 120 credits, and it typically takes students four years to complete all the required coursework. Although the specific classes that you might expect to take can vary depending on which college you attend, some of the most common courses include managerial ethics, conflict resolution, public policy, nonprofit law and human resources.

Prerequisites For Enrollment

No matter where you plan to earn your bachelor’s degree, you will need to meet a few prerequisites before you can apply and then be admitted. While these can vary from college to college, all students should have a high school diploma and copies of their transcripts. An alternative in some cases can be a general education degree. Students may also be expected to submit a written admission essay, references from previous employers or teachers and suitable ACT or SAT scores.

Career Opportunities for Degree Holders

With a bachelor’s degree in non-profit organizational management, you will be ready to begin a range of different careers in the non-profit sector. There are countless nonprofit organizations that require talented graduates to lead their volunteers, coordinate fundraising and implement their charitable activities in the field. If there is a particular cause that is near and dear to your heart, you will especially enjoy working for a company based around that. However, this degree doesn’t mean that you are eliminated from the private sector altogether. You can still tackle managerial positions in retail, finance and healthcare.

Benefits of Online Study

If this is definitely the right degree for you, then you can opt to study online rather than in a traditional college campus setting. Imagine waking up each day and watching lectures from your living room, completing exams in your free time after work and chatting online with your fellow classmates on the weekends.



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