What You’ll Learn When Pursuing An Online Project Management Degree

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Project Management Anyone interested in pursuing a career in business should give some thought to earning a bachelor’s degree in project management. While this major is less common than business, finance or management, it is a great way to break into all three fields. Project managers create effective strategies that can help companies succeed, and these skills are applicable to a whole host of different careers and industries.

By choosing to earn a bachelor’s degree online, you will be able to cover these subjects according to your own schedule, and you can even work from any location with a computer.

Here are some of the fascinating subjects you’ll cover when earning a project management degree online.

Human Resources Management

Human resources is a large part of any organization, and project managers should be able to inspire and lead those employees that they work alongside. Human resources management is a course that can help students know who to hire, understand how to isolate talent, see where changes can be made and better assess the workforce as a whole. You might also learn more about payroll, recruiting and encouragement.

Contracts and Negotiations

In nearly every project that project managers take on, there will be contracts. Contracts might be created to hire new employees for a company expansion, or they might be in place to commit to building a new structure for the government. Whatever it is for, a contract should be easy to understand and beneficial to the company as a whole. Aspiring project managers will learn, through their bachelor’s degree curriculum, about how to negotiate for suitable terms and better understand the legal vocabulary commonly used in contracts.

Cost Control

If a project manager were tasked with building a new office complex, their goal would be to meet the size requirements, have it built within local construction codes and cost the right amount. If the project doesn’t stay within budget, it may not be considered a success. A large part of project management involves using basic finance and accounting to control costs. This is not an easy task, but it is a significant part of the job.

Sales and Marketing

The project manager for any new project, brand, product or company is in marketing whether they know it or not. Their actions, words and attitudes convey a feeling about what they are working on, and others can respond to that. If you are trying to help start a new clothing brand and get clothing released in major department stores, you should remain positive and help sell the product each time you mention it.

Leadership Skills

Finally, a project manager should be someone who can lead their team. This includes inspiring unmotivated employees, encouraging those who are struggling to find success and rewarding those who do well in their positions. Leadership can come naturally to some, but college courses can harness those natural abilities.


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