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Health Care CareersEven if you already have a secure career within the healthcare industry, you might be eager for a promotion. Along with giving you more prestige and respect in the workplace, a promotion can bring with it new challenges and a higher salary. Although earning a higher degree can certainly help you secure a promotion, you may not want to spend two or more years studying online. A shorter alternative is an online certificate, which can show that you are qualified in a specific area of your field.

Certificates in healthcare can take as little as a weekend or as long as a full year, and you can choose which will best fit your needs and your schedule. Here are some of the top certificates in health care that can help you secure that promotion. Explore your options for earning a certificate in healthcare online.

Medical Assistant Certificate

There is no set educational standard for medical assistants, but many employers are only interested in hiring someone with a minimum of a certificate or a degree. If you have an associate or bachelor’s degree in an unrelated subject, but you want to enjoy a career in medicine, then a medical assistant certificate is the perfect place to start.

Project Management For Healthcare

If you work in healthcare, you might be ready to take on new responsibilities and advance your career. To show your managers and employers that you are capable of more, a certificate in project management for healthcare is ideal. You will learn how to oversee different projects within the healthcare industry and you will better understand how to come in under budget for these projects.

IT Healthcare Certificate

One area of healthcare that continues to grow is IT, or information technology. More and more of medical diagnosis and treatment is now down by electronics, and understanding this part of the field can be very important if you want to be promoted. Certificates range in length, but you can easily find one that teaches you more about the technology within your specific career.

Medical Transcription Certificate

If you already have a background knowledge in medicine or health, then you will be prepared to tackle work as a medical transcriptionist. Employees in this position will listen to recordings of medical professionals and then type up digital or hard copies to use as reference in the future. Having this certificate can be a way to open up your career and promotion opportunities in the field.

Diversity in Healthcare

If you have a mid-level management career in a healthcare or insurance facility, a certificate in culture or diversity can help in a big way. By understanding more about how to get along with people from all walks of life, you will be a better manager as well as a stronger candidate for managerial positions further up the ladder.

You don’t have to spend years taking classes at a traditional college campus just to get a promotion. With online certificates in health care that take far less time and can be done from the comfort of home, advancing your career is easier than ever before.

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