Exploring Common Nursing Certificates That Could Enhance Your Career

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NursesMany aspiring nurses are unaware that becoming a nurse isn’t a one-level career option. Nurses can be RNs, or registered nurses, they can be nurse practitioners, or they could have a sub-specialty in cardiac surgery. Nurses take on a variety of different roles within nursing homes, hospitals and doctor’s offices, and they have the potential to earn a range of different certifications. Nursing certificates can be short weekend courses that prepare you for a different treatment method, or they can be intensive, year-long online courses that prepare you for a big promotion.

Here are some of the most common nursing certificates that can really enhance your career, and each can be earned entirely online to better fit your busy schedule. Find the certification in nursing you need online.

ACRN: AIDS Certified Registered Nurse

In order to properly care for patients with HIV/AIDS, it is important to have medical professionals who understand the disease, how it spreads and how symptoms can be reduced. An ACRN, or AIDS certified registered nurse, will need to take online courses and focus his or her nursing work on AIDS research and patient care in order to sit for this certificate exam.

CPN: Certified Pediatric Nurse

If you love nursing but want to focus on treating children, then this is one of the best nursing certificates out there. Although it can be a very competitive field, and the CPN requires extensive studying and dedication, it will prepare you to diagnose and even treat children with a range of illnesses and medical complaints.

AOCN: Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse

Cancer patients make up a large portion of a hospital population, but it can be difficult to treat these individuals without a thorough understanding of the disease and the various ways to attack it. An AOCN, or advanced oncology certified nurse, will spend upwards of two years preparing for this certificate exam, but it will open up many new positions in a growing field of nursing medicine.

CRNA: Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

There is a common misconception that nursing and anesthesiology are two fields that can never overlap, but that is definitely a mistake. A CNRA, or certified registered nurse anesthetist, will assess patients before and after surgery, and they may even administer anesthesia alongside a certified anesthesiologist.

CCRN: Certified Critical Care Nurse

One of the most demanding nursing positions in the field is that of CCRN, or certified critical care nurses. These nurses work in emergency rooms and intensive care units, and they deal with significant traumas and a fast-paced work environment on a daily basis. If you want a job that is both exciting and challenging, then this certificate might be right for you.

RN-BC: Ambulatory Care Nurse

This certification, which can be earned almost entirely online, can help prepare you for nursing careers in ambulances. Much like EMTs, ambulatory care nurses administer treatment to patients in transit.

An online nursing certificate may require extra time, but it is one of the most effective ways to become a better nurse, earn a higher salary and better help your patients.

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