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One of the most important but under-appreciated employment positions out there is that of public health educator. These individuals work tirelessly to teach local citizens about how to prevent illness, stay safe when behind the wheel and raise children to be happy and healthy. Public health educators sometimes work in community centers or local hospitals, but they might also go into classrooms to teach residents of all ages about better health.

If you enjoy working with others and want your career to really make a difference, then working as a public health educator might be the ultimate fit. To secure this kind of job, the best way to prepare is with an online master’s degree in healthcare education.

Typical Curriculum For a Healthcare Education Master’s Degree

It takes an average of 18 months for most students to complete their master’s degree in this field, and that time is spent focusing on a few key subjects related to healthcare education. While the specific subjects and class titles can vary from university to university, a few of the most common courses you might come across on your syllabus include that of cultural diversity awareness, curriculum planning, addiction and abuse issues, healthcare research and management in the field. These classes help prepare healthcare educators to research information and then effectively influence and help others in their community who could benefit from the information.

Prerequisites for Enrollment Into This Program

In order to earn this master’s degree, you will first need to have completed a bachelor’s degree. While it is beneficial if you studied a related field, that is not always mandatory. What you will definitely need to submit, however, is your grade point average from your undergraduate career, letters of recommendations from previous employers or teachers and minimum scores from the GRE, or Graduate Record Examination.

Careers and Potential After Graduation

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be an increased demand for health educators by a whopping 18 percent by 2018, which makes this a smart career choice for anyone searching for stability in the future. Along with working for your local government as a public health educator, graduates holding a master’s degree can work for colleges, elementary schools or nursing homes. Some graduates may also work for private organizations who want to keep their factories, offices or retail facilities safe and hygienic for employees and the general public.

Reasons to Earn Your Master’s Degree Online

In decades past, students were wary of earning their advanced degrees online, but today the stigma is gone entirely. Online degrees are often more convenient than their campus counterparts, and they allow busy students to work, care for family and study at the same time. As long as you have a computer and reliable Internet access, you can earn a master’s degree from your home, office or local coffee shop.

A master’s degree in healthcare education can be the perfect way to become a successful public health educator, and online colleges allow even the busiest students to earn this prestigious qualification.

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