Top Careers in Health Sciences 2013

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Pharmaceutical Sales If you are fascinated and interested by the medical profession, but you don’t want to commit to the training and requirements of medical school, then a great option might be to pursue a degree in health science. This degree field allows you to learn more about everything from biology to the ethics of healthcare, and a four-year degree will prepare you for a whole host of potential careers.

Discover how a B.S. in Health Science from an accredited online college can prepare you for one of these top careers in the growing field of health science.

1. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Although this job is one that requires a familiarity with sales, it also requires a solid medical background. In order to be a successful pharmaceutical sales representative, you should be able to understand how the human body works, basic anatomy and some of the most common diseases and ailments. By completing a degree in health sciences, you will be able to accurately and confidently explain why and how certain medications work. This type of career is often in high demand, and it can be lucrative for those with the right qualifications.

2. Community Health Educators

Working as a community health educator can be an intensely satisfying and rewarding job. Tasks might include teaching parents how to install carseats safely for their newborn children, or you might be petitioning for children to receive immunizations in a school setting. The objective is to teach the local community you live in how to live healthy lives, and what you do each day will certainly be making a real difference for others.

3. Diagnostic Imaging Operations Technologists

When individuals go to the hospital with a broken bone or even a tumor, it is diagnostic imaging that spots the problem and helps doctors and nurses understand how to treat it better. Diagnostic imaging operations technologists should have some mechanical savvy in terms of actually using the machines, but they also need to be educated on how the human body works and how to spot problems that others can’t. While challenging, this is one of the most well-paid careers you can pursue with a bachelor’s degree in health science.

4. Medical Assistants

While it is possible to become a medical assistant by earning a specific degree in the subject, a health science degree is also a great option. You will get a comprehensive view on everything from human anatomy and physiology to healthcare ethics and patient care, which can help you become a better medical assistant in a doctor’s office, clinic or hospital setting.

5. Nursing Home Managers

Running a nursing home requires skills like organization, the ability to communicate well and a friendly personality, but it also requires someone well-versed in healthcare and medicine. A bachelor’s degree in health science is a fabulous way to prepare for this type of career.


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