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Nurse For many who are not yet in the medical field, becoming an RN, or registered nurse, is a primary objective. Becoming an RN can open up new career opportunities, and it requires just a two-year associate degree. After a few years as an RN, however, some nurses decide that they are ready to move on to the next level of their healthcare careers.

Thankfully, there is a transition program that takes you from your RN certification all the way to a master’s in nursing. Find out how you can earn your M.S. in Nursing (RN required) online and how it can benefit you most.

Prerequisites For Enrollment in the Degree Program

It is important to understand that this degree program, while it will deliver a master’s degree to graduates, is very different from a traditional graduate degree. Students do not need to have a full bachelor’s degree already, which sets it apart from other master’s degrees, but they will have to have an RN certification. This certification demands that nurses have a minimum of an associate degree in nursing, and they should also have at least two years of experience in the field of nursing. Students who apply for this degree program should also have recommendations or references from employers and/or previous teachers and professors within the medical industry.

Who Can Benefit From the M.S. in Nursing

Before you enroll into this bridge degree program, it is vital that potential students ensure that they will benefit from the additional certification. If you enjoy working as a nurse, but you want to increase your earning potential to specialize in a niche area of healthcare and medicine, then this is a smart choice for your future. If you are happy in your current position, however, earning a master’s degree may not be worth the time or effort in your busy schedule.

Choosing a Track For Your Career

Before you will even enroll into the master’s degree in nursing program, you will get to choose from one of the many different specialty tracks. Choosing one of these tracks will help dictate what kinds of courses you study and where you focus your time, so it should be a subject you find interesting and something that you want to have as your career for the next decade or longer. Some of the track options include that of clinical nurse specialist, nurse practitioner, pediatric nurse specialist and community health nurse.

Benefits of Earning Your M.S. in Nursing Online

By choosing to earn your M.S. in Nursing online rather than at a traditional college campus, you can create your own schedule for learning, work and family. Whatever you have going on in your life, the convenience of Internet-based education will fit in where you have time, and you won’t have to sacrifice your social life, your family or your career in order to accomplish your educational goals.


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