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Technology Careers It should come as no surprise to learn that information technology, or IT, is one of the largest and most lucrative industries out there. Millions of individuals are employed by IT firms, many of which develop, troubleshoot and market software, applications and electronic devices for commercial and personal use. If you are interested in beginning an exciting and potentially lucrative career, then earning an online degree can help get you started.

One of the top IT degrees is the B.S. in Information Technology – Application Development Testing and Quality Assurance. Discover how to earn this degree online, what the prerequisites are, what career opportunities are possible for graduates and what topics you might encounter while earning your degree.

Earning Your IT Degree Online

There are two main ways that a person can earn his or her degree. The first is the most traditional, and it involves commuting to campus daily, or living in a dorm, and attending classes and lectures at set times. The second way, which is becoming increasingly popular, is to earn your degree entirely over the Internet.

You can stream lectures from the comfort of home, watch recorded sessions at your convenience and take exams whenever you have time in your schedule. For those with families, jobs or other other obligations, earning a degree online is a smart way to get a formal education on your own terms.

Prerequisites For Enrollment

Like most bachelor’s degrees, this program requires all applicants to have a high school degree and be over the age of 18. Exceptions can sometimes be made for those with a general education degree or express permission from their parents or guardians. Students planning to enroll in an IT degree should also be strong candidates with basic math skills and plenty of computer knowledge.

Those who go on to succeed in this field will also be comfortable using personal devices like smartphone and tablet computers, so having some know-how at the application stage will be a big help.

Typical Courses For This Degree Program

The primary objective of this degree is to teach students how to create applications that can meet the needs of clients or individuals in the IT world. During the course of this four-year degree program, some of the things you might expect to study include maintaining source code, developing and testing software, evaluating human-computer interfaces and running firewalls.

Students will also take a handful of general education course to help round out their studies and learn how to think laterally.

Career Opportunities For Graduates

Upon graduation, those with a degree like a Bachelor’s in IT – Application Development will likely be in high demand among major technology companies around the world. Individuals can work in large firms to develop applications, or they can work with individual companies who need to troubleshoot existing applications to have them be more effective in real-world settings.


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