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GraduateDespite an economy that certainly has its ups and downs, the healthcare and medical industries are two areas where jobs are relatively stable and new employees are always in demand. There is a need for trained and educated individuals, but these potential employees also have to be kept up to date with information technology.

Many IT applications are ideal for the medical world, and they have the potential to diagnose and treat patients more effectively than ever. If you want to enter this world without attending a four-year degree program on a college campus, then the answer might be earning an online degree like the associate in health information technology.

Requirements for Enrollment

Before you can enroll into an online associate degree program in health information technology, you will need to meet a few standard requirements set forth by the school. These prerequisites vary from location to location, but they will almost always start with requiring applicants to have a high school diploma. In some cases, a general education degree will be a suitable replacement. You should also expect to have to submit your transcripts, your SAT or ACT scores and recommendations from teachers or employers in your past.

Typical Courses in this Degree Program

A typical associate degree in health information technology consists of 60 credits, or 20 courses, and takes an average of two years to complete. During that time, the majority of your courses will related directly to healthcare, medicine or information technology. Some of the most common subjects to find on your syllabus might include that of medical terminology, health information systems, electronic health records, medical coding, medical billing processes and health data content. You may also get to choose a handful of elective courses in more diverse subjects like history, art or foreign languages.

Careers in Health Information Technology

After graduating with an associate degree in health information technology, you will have the potential to pursue a variety of careers in both the medical and IT industries. A few of the most common career titles for graduates in this field are that of medical coder, medical records technician, health information technician, coding specialist and hospital database manager. Graduates may be able to find work with large medical insurance companies, in hospitals, in private practices and in nursing homes.

Benefits of Earning Your Degree Online

There are countless benefits to earning your associate degree online, but the biggest advantage is how flexible the program can be. Online students never have to worry about commuting to class, missing a lecture or not being prepared for an exam. Lectures and seminars can be streamed live and watched from home or recorded and watched at your convenience. You can complete the coursework and work through materials at your own pace, and you can even choose the perfect time to take your exams.


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