Earning Your Bachelor’s in IT Management Online

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IT  Management The field of information technology, or IT, is one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet. An increasing number of people from around the world rely on the Internet and electronic devices in their personal lives, and companies also utilize software and hardware for everything from storing medical records to checking merchandise in warehouses across the globe.

While there is no shortage of IT careers in just about every type of company, those who want to earn a higher salary, take on more responsibility and seek out the top positions will generally want to focus on becoming an IT manager.

With a B.S. in Information Technology Management, which can be earned entirely online, you can get on the right track toward a new and exciting management position in IT.

Prerequisites to Enrolling in a Bachelor’s Degree Online

Whether you are fresh out of high school or you have been in the workforce for several decades, colleges will expect all students to submit their high school transcripts and show their high school diploma. Exceptions to this rule include those students who hold a GED, or general education degree.

Students may also be required to submit a written reference, an admission essay or proof of SAT and ACT scores. Some colleges may also require students to take math or computing exams to ensure that they are prepared for the IT coursework to come.

Typical Courses in an IT Management Program

A bachelor’s degree in IT management will take students approximately four years to complete, but those who study online will have more flexibility when it comes to the specific time frame. Over those roughly four years, students will take upwards of 20 different courses, many of which relate directly to information technology.

Although each college will offer specific courses, you can expect to come across titles like computer operating systems, computer programming, database systems, Internet applications, data communication and leadership abilities.

Opportunities for Graduates in This Field

Upon graduation, students will be able to take their bachelor’s degree and seek out a variety of IT careers. You might oversee and supervise the work of IT professionals in a range of settings such as a large tech firm, a retail company or a financial organization. Some of the most common job titles for graduates with this degree include that of chief technology officer, IT project manager, information systems director, head IT consultant or IT department manager.

Benefits of Earning Your IT Degree Online

If you know that you want to pursue an IT management degree, you can decide to take classes at a traditional college campus or through an online college program. While there are certainly pros and cons to both, the flexibility and convenience of online learning makes it an easy choice for many busy students who want to juggle family, friends, jobs and an education at the same time.


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