Career Possibilities With an Online BA in English

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IEnglish Teacher f you have always had a passion for reading and you believe that you have some skill in writing, then you might be naturally drawn to a college major like English. This subject is certainly a fascinating one, and it involves studying everything from the grammar of the English language to the world’s most important pieces of literature. Plus, the Bachelor of Arts in English is even available online to busy students.

If you are serious about earning an online BA in English, then you will definitely want to learn more about the various career possibilities available with this certification.

Marketing or Advertising Executive

Although it is possible to major directly in either marketing or advertising, a number of those employed in the field are actually those with degrees in English. Mastering the English language is no easy feat, and companies recognize that fact. Marketing and advertising firms are always on the lookout for talented individuals who can produce things like scripts for commercials or text for a potential magazine ad. If you enjoy a creative environment and you love writing, then a career in marketing or advertising might be a natural fit after graduation.

English Teacher

Perhaps the one career most commonly associated with the BA in English is that of teacher. While there are obviously plenty of other options, many students are excited to share what they have learned with the next generation. English teachers might work in elementary schools helping young students to read, but they can also work in middle schools, high schools or even community colleges. There is also the option to travel abroad and work as a native English teacher, which involves teaching the English language to those who can’t yet speak English fluently.

Technical Writer

If you enjoy writing but also have some technical, engineering or niche knowledge, then you might be able to find work as a technical writer. This position involves writing very detailed manuals and operating guides for things like factory equipment and high-tech machinery.

Digital Content Writer

When you open up a popular website or read the product descriptions of something you are thinking about buying online, there is a good chance that the text was written by a digital content writer. Many of these positions are available for English degree holders who can write quickly and efficiently. Digital content writers may work for marketing agencies or directly with retail companies, or they can work freelance from the comfort of home.

Public Relations Expert

The world of public relations can be fascinating for the right candidate, and it requires a lot of key skills that you might pick up while earning your BA in English online. Successful public relations experts are able to craft beautifully-written press releases, project a certain image for a client and be able to handle problems in a hurry when they arise.


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