Could You Become a Cyber Forensics Professional?

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Cyber TechnologyOne of the hottest and fastest-growing fields in undergraduate education is that of cyber forensics. There are several big reasons for this growth, but the main two include the rise of online information and the coverage of this field in the media. You might have read a novel where a cyber forensic specialist solves a murder mystery, or you might have seen the same idea play out in a Hollywood film or popular television show.

While the glamor of this position isn’t always accurately represented, these mediums do show how important information security is in the digital age. If this kind of career fascinates you, then uncover more about the online Cyber Forensics and Information Security Degree below.

Prerequisites For Enrollment

Like many bachelor’s degrees, all applicants will need to have graduated high school before they are eligible to enroll in this program. In order to prove your education, you may have to submit a high school diploma, your transcripts or perhaps even your GED. In addition, many colleges will ask students to submit either SAT scores or ACT scores. If you don’t have either one, colleges may have you sit some standard exams to guarantee that you will be ready to handle the many science and computer courses that are part of a cyber forensics degree.

What You’ll Find on the Syllabus

As part of this degree, students may be required to take a handful of courses that are focused on general education subjects. Whether that includes history, communication or math is up to the college you attend, but you should expect for these general courses to make their way onto your syllabus. The majority of classes you take, however, will revolve around cyber forensics and information security. A few of the most popular options might include advanced programming, C++ programming, criminology, network forensics and evidence protection.

Jobs in the Field

One of the great things about choosing a degree in cyber forensics is that there are countless career possibilities out there for those with the right qualifications. One of the most popular employment opportunities for graduates is working in law enforcement. Those who work in cyber forensics in a police station or even for a national security agency like the CIA and FBI will investigate crimes through electronics, cloud computing and Internet activity. Another career option is to work in-house with large technology, retail or financial firms who want inside help protecting their data, networks and sensitive information.

Advantages of an Online Degree

Those who have their heart set on a career in cyber forensics are often drawn to online degrees. If you are already comfortable using a computer in daily life, then this might be a natural fit. You don’t have to worry about lengthy commutes or set class schedules, and it can easily fit around your work schedule, social life or family obligations.


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