Advance Your Career With an Online M.ED: Instructional Technology

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In order to enjoy a career as a teacher, most individuals will need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in education or in a specific subject that they plan to teach. While this is often a great start in the field, many teachers want to advance their careers and make an even bigger difference in the world of education. One of the ways that you might choose to do that is by earning an M.Ed., or Master of Education, online. You can choose to specialize in subjects like instructional technology, which can be instrumental when teaching the next generations and utilizing technological advances in the classroom.

If you are ready to get ahead in your career, switch to a new field or simply before a more effective educator, then an online M.ED: Instructional Technology might be the right choice for you.

Getting Started: Who Can Earn an M.Ed.?

Since the Master of Education is a graduate degree, all students who want to apply to a college offering this program will have to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Different colleges will have varying requirements when it comes to minimum grade point averages, but 3.0 out of a 4.0 scale is quite common. In addition, some colleges will require applicants to be certified teachers, and many programs will want students to also have some experience teaching in the field.

Earning Your Degree: What Courses are Typical?

This graduate degree program generally takes students two years to complete, but those who are earning their degree online have a little more flexibility to adjust the time table to fit their schedule. Either way, however, students will focus on a few key courses that relate to instructional technology in and out of the classroom. Sample subjects that you might expect to see on your syllabus could include basic computer programming skills, multimedia use in presentations and statistics. Students will also get a better understanding of how technology can influence education and how to best involve students in the classroom.

After Graduation: Which Careers Are Available?

Once you have your master’s in education with a specialty in instructional technology, there is a variety of potential career possibilities open to you. Some graduates will head back to the classroom with a promotion or a salary increase, but others will decide to teach students online using their new skills. Some graduates may also work on the administrative side of education to help oversee school districts or even plan curriculum.

Online Education: Why Choose an Online Degree?

Although this degree program is available online or through a traditional college setting, many teachers find that the online option is best for their schedule. You can do the coursework and listen to lectures in the evenings or on the weekend, and you can even work your way through a large portion of the degree during your summer holiday.


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