Pursuing an Online Master’s Degree in Environmental Policy?

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Environmental Studies Over the past few decades, there has been an incredible increase in the study of the planet and how humans are negatively impacting the environment. This interest is evident when it comes to energy-saving appliances, sustainable materials used in building projects and even individuals who aim to buy local products rather than shipping produce from around the world.

In order for the world to become a more sustainable place, and in order to protect the world for generations to come, there need to be key individuals who have the knowledge it takes to create and implement environmental policy on a large scale. If you have this desire, then answer the following questions to find out if you should pursue an online Master of Science: Environmental Policy.

Do You Have a Bachelor’s Degree Already?

Before you can think seriously about earning your master’s degree in environmental policy, you will need to meet requirements set by the college you want to attend. In nearly every college or university around the world, applicants interested in a master’s degree must first have a complete bachelor’s degree from an accredited school. In addition, you may need to take the GRE or GMAT and submit those scores with your undergraduate transcripts, references and admissions essay.

Do You Have a Desire to Make a Difference?

Even if you are accepted into a graduate program in the field of environmental policy, you may not appreciate the material unless you have a real drive to make a difference in the world. Those students who are most successful in this field are those who care deeply about the planet, understand green practices and want to help others to understand and embrace the same changes. Your work after graduation might include testing factory emissions, overseeing the construction of LEED-certified buildings or even lobbying for new laws that protect the environment as a whole.

Do You Enjoy Science?

It is important for potential students to understand that the bulk of this program will revolve around science courses. Although you may take classes like policy making or political management, the majority of classes you will find on your syllabus will be things like environmental toxicology, hydrology, earth systems, climatology, systems analysis and urban ecology. Students without a love of science and the ability to handle high-level mathematics may struggle with this particular graduate degree program.

Do You Want to Study From the Comfort of Home?

The final way to determine if an online master’s degree in environmental policy is the best choice for you is to think about whether you would prefer studying at home or at a college campus. For busy individuals, the ability to watch lectures on your own time, avoid a lengthy commute and have time for friends, work and family is a dream come true, and for those reasons and many more the online option is to popular for graduate students.


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