5 Reasons To Earn an Online PhD in Strategy and Innovation

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In every field, innovation is one of the most desirable attributes for employees. Whether a business needs to create a new kind of product that will appeal to their customer demographic or they need to implement a new marketing strategy to stay competitive, innovation is key.

That is why so many hiring managers look for potential employees that hold advanced degrees in things like strategy and innovation. With the convenience of online degree programs, now is your chance to see the benefit of a PhD – Strategy and Innovation.

1. Become a Leader

For many people, it is hard to break out of the shell of subordination and begin demonstrating your natural leadership abilities. After completing a doctoral program like this one, it will be easy to take command of a room. With the right ideas and a creative approach to strategy, your voice will be heard in brainstorming sessions and team meetings. If you have always wanted a big promotion or a top position, this might be the right way to achieve your goal.

2. Increase Your Earning Potential

One of the most common reasons for individuals to pursue an additional degree, certification or qualification is simply because they want to increase their earning potential. Having a bachelor’s degree can allow you to earn more than you would with just a high school diploma, and a master’s degree can increase your potential salary even more. With a doctoral degree, you will be able to secure some of the top earnings in your field.

3. Take Advantage of Online Learning

Those individuals who have always wanted to head back to school but couldn’t afford to take time off from work can now utilize online classes to earn their degree. This PhD in strategy and innovation can be completed entirely from your home, your office or a local cafe. Live streaming lets you watch lectures in real time, but you can also opt to watch recorded lectures whenever it is convenient for you. Even exams and papers can be completed according to your personal schedule.

4. Specialize Your Abilities

An appealing aspect of earning a doctoral degree in a subject like strategy and innovation is that although it is so versatile, it does allow students to narrow in on a niche area that interests them most. Students can opt to focus primarily on subjects such as general information technology, project management or information assurance and security.

5. Find Your Dream Career

The final reason to consider earning an online doctorate in the area of strategy and innovation is that it allows you to begin an exciting new career. There are many upper management and research positions in the IT field only open to those with a terminal degree, and some might include that of chief executive officer, consulting executive or university dean.


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