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Alternative Health CareAlthough the field of healthcare remains one of the largest growing areas in the employment world, most people tend to think only of careers as a nurse, doctor or physical therapist. In reality, however, an increasing number of patients are turning to alternative methods of treatment to reduce symptoms and get rid of the underlying causes.

From acupuncture to herb cleanses, alternative medicine is certainly a fascinating and growing field. If you want to find a career in this area, then earning an online BA/Complementary and Alternative Health might be the perfect choice for your future.

What Subjects Are Covered During This Degree?

Before students think about enrolling into a bachelor’s degree program in complementary and alternative health, they should have a solid understanding of what it entails. On average, the course will take both online students and traditional students four years to complete. During that time, students will have the opportunity to take general health courses as well as specific areas of complimentary medicine that interest them most. Some of the many different classes that you might come across on your syllabus could include public health, illness prevention, nutrition and diet, integrative health, massage, acupuncture, cultural anthropology and health care informatics.

Who Can Enroll in This BA Program?

While this degree is a versatile one that appeals to a wide variety of potential students, it is worth noting that most colleges do have specific prerequisites that applicants need to meet before enrollment. Generally, colleges require that all potential students have a high school diploma or the equivalent of a general education degree. You may also need to submit SAT scores, ACT scores, references, a written essay or copies of your high school transcript.

What Types of Jobs Are Open to Graduates?

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in complementary and alternative health, students will be able to pursue any number of different career paths depending on their interests and goals. Some graduates find work in community health centers, and others work in health spas and holistic health centers. Some of the most common job titles for graduates in this field include that of physical trainer, yoga instructor, holistic health practitioner, massage therapist, herbal practitioner or even research assistant.

Why Do Students Attend College Online?

If you have made up your mind to pursue this bachelor’s degree, then ultimately you will have to decide between attending classes at a traditional college campus and completing the degree online. Students who study online will have a lot more flexibility thanks to the fluid schedule that fits around your busy life. Plus, online students never have to worry about traffic, parking or early morning lectures. For busy individuals with jobs, social obligations or family to care for, the option to earn your degree using a laptop right from the comfort of home is certainly very appealing.


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