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Holistic Health There are a number of different ways to approach health and medical treatment. While some individuals still prefer to visit a traditional doctor of medicine at a private practice or a hospital, an increasing number of people are looking to holistic health practices instead.

The premise is that things like acupuncture, massage and even diet can get to the underlying roots of the medical problem rather than simply treating the symptoms. If you are interested in finding a fulfilling and rewarding career in this field of healthcare, then you may want to look into an online Associate of Science AS in Holistic Health Degree Program.

What Does This Degree Program Entail?

This associate’s degree, like most others, will consist of roughly 60 credits, which takes most students two years to complete. During that time, students will be able to cover a range of different subjects that relate to holistic healing, nutrition, physical therapy and even massage. While the specific courses you might find on your syllabus will vary significantly depending on which college you choose to attend, some of the most common classes include homeopathy, nutrition, herbal remedies, disease prevention, anatomy, aromatherapy, massage and physical therapy.

What Kind of Career Paths Are Open to Graduates?

One of the great things about the associate degree in holistic health is that it is incredibly versatile. If students have a specific niche that they find interests them most, they can easily transition to that area of health and fitness. For example, many graduates will implement the skills they learned while earning this degree while working as personal trainers, as nutritionists, as weight loss coaches or as massage therapists.

Many find work as general health advisers and consultants for holistic health practitioners, and there is even the option to secure a career selling herbal products, aromatherapy products or natural supplements.

What Are the Prerequisites to Enrollment?

While online degree programs are designed to be accessible to many different types of students from all walks of life, colleges will generally have some prerequisites before you can enroll. For this associate degree, all applicants should have a minimum of a high school diploma, and there may also be requirements based on your grade point average.

Some colleges will also ask potential students to submit their high school transcripts, SAT scores, ACT scores or references from previous employers, mentors or teachers.

Why Choose an Online Degree Program?

Although it is possible to earn an associate degree in holistic health from a traditional college campus, many students instead opt to study online. One of the biggest reasons for this is simply convenience.

Rather than waking up early to head to class, worrying about being late and dealing with traffic, you can open up your computer from the comfort of home whenever it happens to be best for you. This is better for those with a busy schedule, family obligations or jobs.


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