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Police Officer A BDCJ, or bachelor of science in criminal justice, is one of the most fascinating degree options available to students. The world of criminal justice may be overly glamorized in detective novels and television shows, but the field is still incredibly important to our society. Having talented and prepared individuals in key positions within the nation’s criminal justice system helps citizens to feel protected in all kinds of situations.

If this degree sounds like something that might interest you, then consider earning a BSCJ: Homeland Security and Emergency Management..

Understanding the Criminal Justice Degree

Although students pursuing this degree may ultimately want to focus specifically on the niche areas like homeland security and emergency management, the bulk of the degree will be made up of criminal justice curriculum. The criminal justice system starts with the psychology of criminals and goes all the way to the collection of evidence, the job descriptions of police personnel and the work of the judicial system to punish offenders.

Some of the criminal justice classes that will make up a large portion of this bachelor’s degree might include things like an introduction to criminal law, the study of victimization, causes of crime, ethics in criminal justice and the American court system.

Exploring the Specialization in Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Along with the more generalized criminal justice courses detailed above, students enrolled in this degree program will be able to specialize in both homeland security and emergency management. This curriculum will help graduates prepare for all kinds of catastrophic events such as terrorist attacks or even natural disasters.

You will gain invaluable skills and complete research on how other nations, states and communities have effectively dealt with disaster. Key courses in this field could include crisis management, terrorism, communication in crises and the psychology of terrorism.

Careers For Graduates

For most students, the objective of completing this bachelor’s degree will be to secure a lucrative as well as meaningful job. Many graduates turn to working for the government at either the national or state level, and agencies like the CIA, NSA and FBI often look for graduates who have completed this specific program.

However, that is not the only available career choice in the field. Other potential employment options for graduates might be that of police officer, customs agent or crime scene investigator.

Prerequisites For Enrollment

If this degree sounds like it might be the perfect way for you to prepare for a career that you have always wanted, be sure that you meet the requirements for enrollment. While these specific prerequisites may vary from college to college, they will almost always include having a high school degree, submitting either SAT scores or ACT scores, having at least one reference from a teacher or employer and writing an admission essay.

Criminal justice, homeland security and emergency management are all incredibly vital areas of study that can make a difference in the world.

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