Secure a Global Career With an Online Master’s Degree in International Accounting

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International AccountingFor decades, accounting has been thought of as as stable but perhaps monotonous career. However, that misconception is far from truth. The reality is that accountants can choose from all kinds of industries, and their work can truly take them around the world. By choosing to upgrade your bachelor’s degree with the help of a master’s degree, you might open up new doors in different fields, and some of those positions might be in a new country.

Find out how a Master’s Degree in International Accounting can give you new opportunities across the globe.

What is International Accounting?

Just like the name implies, international accounting involves doing the same accounting work as you might do domestically, but working for clients around the world. Things like preparing taxes or balancing the budget in a new country means that you will have to understand tax codes for that nation, but many of the basic principles and software programs remain the same no matter where you are working.

What Does This Master’s Degree Entail?

On average, the master’s degree in international accounting takes students anywhere from one to two years to complete. Those who study from home will have a little more flexibility, and they can complete one course before needing to move on to the next. Some of the various courses that you might come across on the syllabus for an international accounting degree could include corporate finance, cost management, international finance management, global banking strategies or even comparisons of global markets.

Who Can Enroll in This Program?

Before you can think seriously about earning your master’s degree in this field, you will need to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. While you don’t necessarily have to have completed your undergraduate degree in accounting, it will be difficult to move to the advanced material without at least a basic understanding of finance, economics and accounting. Students will also typically need to submit GRE or GMAT scores, and they may be required to submit personal or educational references along with their college transcripts.

What Career Opportunities Are Available to Graduates?

After completing your master’s degree in a subject like international accounting, the sheer number of career opportunities available in staggering. While you could happily work as a partner in a large domestic accounting firm, you could also find work overseas. You might work in-house for a multinational corporation, since these large international companies require accountants who are familiar with tax policies and finance across the globe.

Why Choose an Online Degree?

Although you can pursue this degree through a traditional college campus, an increasing number of students are turning to the online option instead. If you have a busy schedule, a family to care for or even a full-time job, online programs allow you to study from home according to your own schedule.


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