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Journalist Not all those who love fashion decide to work as designers. In fact, a large portion of the fashion industry is made up of individuals who give feedback on designs, give their input on the hottest fashions and tell the world about which designers are bound to have successful sales in the coming months.

If you love writing and you also love fashion, then a career in the field of fashion journalism might be the perfect choice for you. With an online bachelor’s degree in fashion journalism, there are countless employment opportunities available.

Fashion Blogger

With the rise of blogs and online communication as a whole, there are an increasing number of fashion bloggers who are able to make an impressive salary from maintaining a blog about fashion. Some fashion bloggers receive free clothing to try on and write about, and others simply detail their daily outfits and take photos to show the world.

If you have a conversational writing style and an eye for clothes, especially clothes on a tight budget, then this career could be perfect. Its flexibility means that working from home is also a real possibility.

Fashion Magazine Editor

The dream for many fashion writers is to work with a major fashion magazine like Vogue or Elle. While this field is incredibly competitive, those with the drive to succeed, as well as strong writing skills, have a real chance.

You will definitely need to have a bachelor’s degree in fashion journalism to qualify for an advanced position with a high-quality fashion magazine, and an online degree will carry the same weight as a degree earned through a traditional college campus program.

Online Fashion Curator

Fashion curators sound like they belong in a museum, but they actually work for online clothing websites. An online fashion curator might select a few pieces to make into a spring or fall collection, and they can transform these key pieces into stylish outfits along with descriptions of each.

Obviously, having a keen eye for fashion is vital, but a solid writing background also helps tremendously.

Product Description Writer

Writers who are able to truly paint a picture through their words may find that the perfect career for them is that of a product description writer. In working for a major fashion retailer, your day might include writing dozens of accurate descriptions for skirts, jackets, shoes or any other items sold by the retailer.

Rather than just describing the item, these fashion writers need to inspire the reader to purchase that item through targeted language meant for a specific demographic.

Fashion Marketer

If you are interested in a career in fields like marketing and advertising, you might find that a fashion marketing position is ideal. You could work in-house with a design company to write press releases about new designer collections or even craft invitations to upcoming fashion shoes.

In order to explore these fantastic career opportunities, you will first need to earn an online bachelor’s degree in a subject like fashion journalism.

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