A Master’s Degree Can Boost Your Non Profit Management Career

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Manager All too often, employees are skipped over for promotions or management positions simply because they don’t have the required experience or the necessary credentials. Regardless of how well you might do your job, there are many fields where certain hoops must be jumped through in order to get ahead. If you are tired of waiting, and you want to make some real upward progress in your career trajectory, then earning an online master’s degree could be exactly what you need.

Those who are interested in a management position within a nonprofit organization might find that the perfect choice is a Master of Science in Management with Emphasis in Not-for-Profit Leadership. Below, find out more about this degree, how to earn it and why the online option is often best.

Prerequisites For a Master of Science in Management

If you are ready for the challenge of earning an advanced degree, you will first need to have a bachelor’s degree. Across the board, this is a requirement that nearly every college will have in place, although you don’t necessarily need to have majored in science, management or nonprofit organizations during your time in undergraduate programs.

In addition, many colleges will ask you to submit scores from a graduate examination like the GRE or the GMAT, and you might also need to turn in references from previous employers or teachers.

Typical Courses to Find on Your Syllabus

Before you dive into the world of nonprofit leadership and management, it is important to know what to expect. This degree program generally takes between one and two years to complete, but the specific courses can vary substantially depending on which college you attend.

Overall, however, some of the most common courses to run across on your syllabus might include that of supply chain management, principles of leadership, conflict resolution, nonprofit theory, financial management and philanthropy.

Career Opportunities For Graduates of This Degree Program

Once you have secured a master’s degree in a subject like nonprofit management, there are countless career opportunities that will be available to you. While it may seem obvious to work in a nonprofit agency, your skills will also transfer to the for-profit sector easily, should that be something you are interested in.

Titles for potential positions might include that of manager, department supervisor or agency head, and this level of education will help propel you to the top of the employment ladder.

Exploring the Advantages of Online Learning

Although this master’s degree is available both at traditional college campuses and through accredited online colleges, many students are opting for the Internet-based option. This allows you to skip the commuting, traffic, parking and early-morning classes, because you have the flexibility and control over your own schedule.

You can study from home, and you can even take exams right from your own living room or a local cafe, as long as you have an Internet connection available.

Earning an advanced degree online can be the push you need to move forward in your nonprofit management career.

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