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Education Specialist While there is no question that teaching is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling careers out there, it can also be a challenging position for even the most dedicated professionals. Part of succeeding as a teacher includes having all the right tools and training at your disposal.

While a bachelor’s degree is a great place to start, continuing your education with a specialist degree may be the best way to be effective in the classroom or in an educational administrative position. If your real passion is to increase literacy and help others learn to read, then find out how you can earn an Education Specialist Degree in Reading and Literacy Leadership.

What Are the Prerequisites For an Educational Specialist Degree?

Regardless of your experience with children or your ability to handle the curriculum, all students who want to enroll in a specialist education degree program will need to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in order to qualify. Some colleges will also expect applicants to have classroom experience, a teaching certification or a master’s degree. However, these specific requirements will vary from college to college.

Upon application, expect to submit any available transcripts from your college career as well as employment references, a written admission essay and GRE scores.

What Subjects Are Covered During the Degree Program?

A specialist degree takes an average of two years to complete, and it is made up of roughly 36 credits. The objective of the program is to better prepare graduates to create literacy programs in schools, to teach reading more efficiently and to learn about the tools that can improve reading programs in schools around the world. All of this is done through key courses.

While the names of each individual course or subject can change depending on which specific college you plan to attend, some of the most common classes to find on your syllabus might include that of literary leadership, changing the literary landscape, applying data analysis to reading programs and research into oral and written language development.

What Career Opportunities Are Open to Graduates?

For the overwhelming majority of students earning their specialist degree, advancing their career is a major priority. Thankfully, the Education Specialist Degree in Reading and Literacy Leadership is a recognized certification that can help propel your career.

Whether you want to lead your local school board, train other literacy teachers or work as a college lecturer, this degree can help open up new career possibilities.

What Are the Advantages to Earning a Degree Online?

Although it is possible to earn a specialist degree at a traditional college campus, many students find it easier and more convenient to study online. If you have a family to care for or a full-time job, online study makes it easy to fit an advanced degree into your already busy schedule.


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