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Medical Equipment If you are interested in helping others, then you might have thought about a career in the field of healthcare. While most positions in this industry require at least a basic understanding of medicine, not every career demands medical school graduates. In fact, those who have always enjoyed working with their hands, and who can appreciate advanced technology, might want to think seriously about a career in biomedical equipment technology.

Find out more about this degree, who is eligible to enroll in an online program and what it will consist of, and discover if an online Associate of Applied Science in Biomedical Equipment Technology is the right fit for you.

Prerequisites For Enrollment

This associate degree is offered by hundreds of colleges around the world, and students will have the option of studying at a traditional campus or through an online program. Either way, you will have to meet a few prerequisites before you can enroll.

Applicants will generally need to have a high school diploma and be over the age of 18, although exceptions can be made with parental permission or with a GED. Applicants also have to submit information like their high school transcripts, references from teachers in their past or even employment histories. In addition, it is not unusual for students to pay a minimal processing fee and write an admission essay along with their application.

Learning More About the Degree Program

This associate degree, like most others, will consist of roughly 60 credits, and it takes the average student two years to complete. The primary objective of the degree, wherever you choose to earn it, will be to teach students how to test, maintain, use and repair the various items of medical equipment used in hospitals and clinics. This objective is accomplished through courses such as electronic circuit analysis, the ethics of biomedicine, digital circuitry, medical terminology and human anatomy.

Employment Potential After Graduation

Although this degree takes just two years to complete, it can help prepare graduates for a lifetime of fulfilling and even lucrative employment. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for biomedical equipment technicians is expected to rise by 31 percent by 2020, which is a direct result of advancing technology within the medical field.

If stability is a key component of your dream career, then designing, maintaining or testing medical equipment at a hospital, private practice or even a government clinic could be the right fit for your future.

Advantages of an Online Degree

The major advantages of earning a degree online rather than at a college campus include flexibility, convenience and affordability. You won’t have to drive to campus, park or deal with traffic, and you can get the same materials and experience right from your computer at home. Plus, tuition costs can be lower for online students than for traditional campus courses.


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