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Nurse The standard degree in the world of nursing is the BSN, or bachelor of science in nursing. This degree takes an average of four years to complete, and it allows graduates to enter the medical profession with a full education. However, some general nurses get the desire to focus their careers after a few years of working in a hospital, private practice or nursing home.

One of the most popular specialties is that of family nurse practitioner, which is a position allowing nurses to interact with patients at a calmer pace. If this sounds like an area you would like to focus on, then an MS in Nursing/Family Nurse Practitioner degree could be the right fit.

Learning More About the MS in Nursing

There are countless reasons that nurses decide to earn their master’s degrees in nursing, and just a few of the most common include the increased earning potential and the increased respect and prestige that comes with the degree. In addition, the degree allows graduates to specialize in a niche area that they enjoy most, which makes their entire career more interesting and more fulfilling.

This program takes roughly two years in total to complete, but it can be done faster or slower by students who opt to earn the degree certification online.

Courses Included in This Degree Program

The courses included in a typical master’s degree in nursing with a specialized focus in becoming a family nurse practitioner could be divided into two major parts. The first section consists of advanced nursing courses that all students will take. The next section, which generally takes up to 75 percent of the curriculum, is made up of classes that focus on family nursing and health.

These courses might include things like family nursing theory, chronic illness management, socio-cultural issues in nursing, primary care procedures and pediatric healthcare.

Career Opportunities For Graduates

The two major reasons for students to complete this degree are to advance their careers and to earn a larger salary. Thankfully, most graduates are able to meet both of these goals upon completion of their degree. Family nurse practitioners can work in hospitals, in nursing homes, in schools or in private practices.

Since many of the cases dealt with by family nurse practitioners are not emergencies, they can also enjoy more traditional work hours, which is certainly a valuable thing in the medical profession.

Advantages of Studying Online

While 20 years ago studying online was still viewed as unusual, today it is a popular option in all types of industries. The materials, teaching staff and even lectures are often the same as those at a traditional college campus, but online students get the flexibility and convenience of earning their degree from home.

For nurses that work irregular schedules with odd hours, the online degree is ideal and can easily fit in among even the busiest shifts.


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