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For many individuals, the field of nursing is an incredible part of the medical world. This job might include assisting physicians in a clinic, discussing symptoms with patients, caring for the terminally ill or even actively participating in surgeries. If you have already established yourself in nursing, but you are ready for the next big move to advance your career, then a doctoral degree could be the right fit.

Find out more about the requirements for this kind of degree, what kinds of courses are included, how long it takes, what careers are available after graduation and why earning a Doctor of Nursing Practice D.N.P. online is such a smart idea for busy individuals.

Completing the Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree

Unlike many doctoral degrees, the D.N.P. can take as little as one year to complete. This is great news for anyone who wants to advance their career and reach their terminal education in less time.

The course generally consists of 10 different courses, each of which are worth three credits, along with a capstone project that will be slowly written over the course of the program.

However, it is important to note that those who enter this program without a master’s degree can expect it to take as many as three full years to complete rather than just one.

Admission Requirements For the D.N.P.

Although the specific prerequisites for enrollment into a D.N.P. program can vary substantially from school to school, many of the requirements are the same across the board. Colleges generally expect applicants to have a master’s degree in nursing from an accredited college along with a grade point average of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. In addition, they may require you to submit your license as a registered nurse, your resume, a personal statement and letters of character reference from teacher or employers in your past.

As mentioned briefly, it is possible to enroll into some D.N.P. programs with only a bachelor’s degree in nursing, but the standards are typically more stringent.

Courses Included in the D.N.P.

The different courses that you can take as part of the doctoral degree of nursing practice can vary substantially depending on your personal areas of medical interest and where you attend college. However, some courses will nearly always be included in the syllabus.

These include data driven health care, evidence based practice, health systems, clinical effectiveness and health informatics. There is also a final dissertation, called the capstone project, that students will work on throughout the degree program.

Benefits of Earning Your Doctorate Online

Although doctoral degrees are offered both online and through traditional college campus programs, many students prefer the convenience of Internet-based education.

Lectures, materials and communication with classmates are all available online, which means that individuals can complete the doctorate while maintaining their career or spending time with family.


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